EnergifloFlo Healer Training

32 Week Course Begins Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm

The San Jiao in Ancient Chinese Medicine:

The San Jiao or Triple Burners, like the other Yang organs, have an energetic "form." In the Ming Dynasty, Dr. Zhang Jiebin taught that the Triple Burners were in fact the largest bowel within the body's cavity and that they existed as an energetic field within the body, surrounding and containing the viscera and bowels.

The San Jiao functions as the body's thermostat, air conditioner and heater for the energy that flows through it. When the Heart's Fire overheats, the Triple Burner circulates heat down through the Middle Burner to the lower area. There the hot energy is cooled and circulated back to the heart where it can help to cool it. The descended warmth prevents the lower cool energies of Kidney Water from becoming too cold. The San Jiao also regulates the regular ingestion and digestion of foods and fluids throughout the body.

Drawing on the wise combination of the Eight Principles Diagnosis (Yang and Yin, Hot and Cold, Excess and Deficiency and External and Internal), the energetic nature of the San Jiao and the Zang Fu organs, experiential knowledge of Medical Qigong, Intuitive, Perceptual and Sensory Diagnosis Skills, Internal Body Scanning, Shengong and trained Intent, the student will learn how to restore energetic harmony by resolving the energetic stagnations or root causes located in the San Jiao.

Also drawing from the Inner Traditions of Chinese Medicine, the student will also learn, along with several Qigong Meditations, the never-before revealed San Jiao Healing Method along with seven (of eleven) progressively deeper levels of the same San Jiao Healing Protocol. The student will learn how to transform the energetic blockages and stagnations that result from the client’s physical and psycho-spiritual states into free-flowing, harmonious wellbeing. The student will also learn how to assist the client to return to a state of sustainable wellness.

What you will learn in this Intensive Series of Classes:

  • San Jiao (Triple Burner) Fundamentals
  • The Vital Role of Qi in the San Jiao
  • Life Force Cultivation Qigong Methods
  • The Warming, Moving, Protecting, Transforming and Holding and raising Properties of Qi in the San Jiao
  • Eight Principles Diagnosis (Yang & Yin, Hot & Cold, Excess & Deficiency and External & Internal)
  • The Four Fullnesses
  • The Four Deficiencies
  • San Jiao Pattern Differentiation: Upper Jiao Damp Heat Stage, Organs involved, Upper Jiao Stage Symptoms and Treatment; Middle Jiao Damp Heat Stage: Organs involved, Middle Jiao Stage Symptoms and Treatment; Lower Jiao Damp Heat Stage: Organs involved, Lower Jiao Stage Symptoms and Treatment
  • Several San Jiao Harmonizing Qigong Meditations: Wuji Standing Qigong, San Jiao Standing Qigong Meditation, Zhan Zhuang Qigong, Opening and Closing San Jiao Qigong, San Jiao Healing Sound Meditation and more
  • The TCM and Classical Chinese Medicine Perspective on Cancer and other Chronic Diseases
  • The Role of the San Jiao in the Etiology of Cancer and Chronic Diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medical Qigong
  • The Stages of Progression of Breast Cancer According to TCM Principles
  • How to Utilize Pure, Naked, Undivided Feeling Awareness to energetically conduct an Internal Body Scan
  • The Steps of the Basic San Jiao Healing Protocol
  • Seven (of eleven) Progressively Deeper Levels of Application of the San Jiao Healing Protocol
  • How to use the San Jiao Healing Method for self-healing
  • How to facilitate the San Jiao Healing Method for others
  • Contraindications
  • Plus much more...

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$140.00 per 4 Classes
($1,120 for the entire course)
$960 if fully prepaid by Monday, March 29, 2010 ($160 Discount)

Each class is two hours long.

Each Class includes Instruction and Guided Meditations and Partner Facilitated San Jiao Healing Sessions

Course Location:

Healing Qi Institute
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(818) 396-7239


Each Class includes Instruction and Guided Meditations
and Partner Facilitated San Jiao Healing Sessions

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