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MARCH 2009

Classical Chinese Herbal Shen Healing and Magic
A 64-Hour (32 Tuesdays) Training Intensive Course
Begins Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 7:45pm-9:45 pm (No Prerequisites)

This training series offers the student an experiential overview of the major esoteric or shamanic principles and fundamental structures that govern Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine. For the Wu Yi, the Chinese shamanic doctor, nature has a hidden side. A different mode of perception is needed since the concealed side of nature can only be perceived with the heart's special abilities. One must access the special magical gifts of the herbal, animal and mineral realms by learning to directly perceive and connect with the shen (spiritual essences or souls) of herbs. Accessing and communicating with these shen or nature spirits is a direct path to healing.

The Wu Yi Doctor has never depended on a written Herbal Materia Medica for his knowledge on herbal medicine. Even if all the written manuscripts and books on herbal medicine were destroyed and all herbal healers and doctors died, the Wu Yi Doctor, utilizing shamanic methods of journeying, perceiving and communicating with the shen or spirits of herbs, trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, animals and minerals would be able to access and recover the entirety of the medicine of herbs and nature. The Wu Yi studies at the feet of the greatest master teacher of all: Nature. He truly knows that "if we listen, plants, trees and nature will teach us."

The Wu Yi Doctor knows shamanic techniques to access his Da Zi Ran Shen, that timeless part of our Being that is always ready to help us access the secret spiritual powers of herbs. Experience for yourself what Chinese shamans mean when they say that: "One thing is for a human being to become interested in herbs and plants, and another is for herbs and plants to become interested in that human being."

The 32-Week Training Intensive course content will include:

• The Magical Properties of Trees, Gathering Qi from Trees, Tree Spirits, Forest Spirits
• The Magical Properties of Plants, Visionary Plants
• Gathering Qi From Plants, Gathering Energy from Bushes, Suffumigation
• Meditation for Absorbing the Plant's Essence
• Plant Spirits, Encounters With Plant Spirits, Communicating With Plant Spirits
• Harvesting the Magical Essence of the Plant's Spirit
• Ancient Chinese Plant Alchemy, The Magical Art of Plant Alchemy,
• Creating A Magical Plant Tincture, Plant Ens (Creating Immortal Elixirs)
• Animal Magic (Familiars), Types of Familiars, Interacting with Animal Familiars
• Five Element Pulse Diagnosis, How to take the pulses, The position of the pulses
• The purpose and value of taking the pulses.
• Technique to administer herbal medicine through the points located at the pulse positions.
• Shamanic journeying and other meditation techniques to directly access and communicate with and administer the shen medicine of herbs.
• Guided exercises and instruction to acquire Herbal Shen Helpers;
• Meditations to access your own internal Da Zi Ran Shen.
• Stimulating and deepening your Herbal Shen experience with several hands-on projects, experiments, meditations and direct perception exercises.
• How to treat all types of chronic health disharmonies with the shen of under one dozen Chinese herbs.
• Emotional healing and soul retrieval with Herbal Shen healing techniques and much more...

$150 per 4 week module ($1200 for the entire course)
or$995 if fully prepaid by Thursday, March 12, '09 ($205 Discount)

Each class is 2 hours long and includes instruction and guided group exercises

To register with VISA/MC, please call:
(323) 664-8241

or mail check to:

Healing Qi Institute
P.O. Box 251558,
Glendale, CA 91225

Course will be held at:
4885 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90029





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